NewsClicks — Quarter 3, 2014

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In This NewsClicks — We went to The Big Apple to brush up on the latest in Search Marketing. Google has had some changes (what’s new?). Also, if you use Facebook, you won’t want to miss the Do’s and Don’ts for business. Read on for all of this and more in this issue of NewsClicks.

Search Marketing Expo - East 2014 New York City, NY

Your team at went to New York City to learn the latest in Search Marketing. A lot of information was shared with us. In short, it’s an exciting time in Search.

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Google Launches A New Google Alerts Interface Search Engine Land

Back in June, CrucialClicks’ Chief Web Development Officer, Ken Kelly, wrote a blog post on How To Use Google Alerts To Monitor Your Reputation. Shortly after, in July, Google had launched a new interface for this tool. This change makes Google Alerts easier to use for the everyday searcher.

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August 2014 U.S. Search Engine Rankings comScore

When optimizing your website, it’s useful to know the search engine usage breakdown. Google Sites led the core search market at 67.3% of search queries, followed by Microsoft Sites at 19.4% and Yahoo Sites at 10%.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Using Facebook for Business HubSpot

By now, you’ve surely heard about the importance of using Facebook to grow your business. You may know that it has a large user base that you can leverage to find new customers. But how can you get started? What common mistakes should you avoid?

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Search Inception? Google Webmaster Central Blog

See what we did there? Google has made an adjustment to the search engine results pages (SERPs). Now, when you do certain searches, you will see a new and improved sitelinks search box. This will make it easier for users to search for specific content on your site, directly from your own site-search pages.

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10 Awesome Google Features You Should Be Using USA Today

You may or may not be aware that Google can do some pretty cool things, outside of simple search. You can use Google to find your next flight, view public data, translate between languages, compare nutrition between foods, and even more.

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Searching For Movie Showtimes? Search Engine Land

If you’re looking for the next showing of that Hollywood movie you are just dying to see, you may have better luck finding your showtimes on Bing instead of Google. In a test of movie title searches, Bing scored 100% and Google on 70%.

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