NewsClicks — Quarter 2, 2015

Google Partners Connect Event, How To Fix A Damning Business Review, 26 Crazy Facts About Google, and more!

In This NewsClicks — is selected to host an exclusive Google Partners Connect Event — again!, learn 10 ideas for turning around your Collective Negative Reviews in Google, find out how long consumers are willing to drive to get to a Local Business, and learn 26 crazy facts that you never knew about Google! Read on for all of this and more, in this issue of NewsClicks. Hosted An Exclusive Google Partners Connect Event
Coral Springs, FL

We were selected to host an exclusive Google Partners Connect event! This is not the first time we've hosted an event like this. Each time, Google has new topics to cover. In May, attendees learned from top executives, at Google, their ideas on how to grow your business online.

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10 Ideas: How To Fix A Damning Business Review Search Engine Land

Businesses live and breathe based on their star ratings in Google and Bing, here are 10 ideas for turning around collective negative reviews and addressing outlier bad reviews that can tank you.

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Learn How Much Time Consumers Are Willing To Travel To Your Business Bright Local

When marketing a local business it can be difficult to judge how far you should extend your catchment area for attracting new customers. How do we know how far is too far for a local business? Just how "local" do you need to be to attract new customers?

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26 Crazy Facts You Never Knew About Google WhoIsHostingThis?

Think you're a Google expert? Maybe your Google-fu skills allow you to find any bit of information that’s ever graced the World Wide Web. You know all the right search tricks, which Boolean operators are allowed, the shortcuts, the easter eggs, the games. Your friends and family know you’re the go-to person for any trivia questions or obscure facts they’re burning to know. With Google at your fingertips, nothing can stop you from seeking out any truth.

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Is Facebook Planning Its Own Video Streaming App? Survey Suggests Interest Marketing Land

Up to now, the social network has sat on the sidelines while first Meerkat, then Twitter-owned Periscope launched services that enable people to quickly live-stream moments with mobile devices. Facebook has stuck with recorded video with famously outstanding results; in April the company reported an average of 4 billion views a day, and there’s no evidence that Facebook video is any less popular today.

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